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Asset House Advisors Ltd.


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When I started investing in prime London residential property, some 15 years ago, I was frustrated by the lack of independent advice available to owners to help them understand and enhance the value of their property. With estate agents unwilling to share their knowledge with me, the marketing process was expensive, time consuming and the pricing obscure. I never felt in control of the final negotiation with the buyer or tenant.

I created Asset House Advisors Ltd. to put vendors and landlords in the driving seat. To give you access to partisan representation as well as professional independent advice. To help you understand what drives the value of your property and to allow you access to the know how, where possible, to do something about it. To offer greater transparency so that you are aware of the relevant data and information. To ensure that any commission you pay is lower and linked more closely to results. And lastly, to provide you with a service based on trust and openness so that you can delegate any task however trivial, confident that your interest will be protected.